Dealer Channel

​​​​​​​We supply retail dealers across the country with major appliance brands, providing them with a broad-based portfolio of brand offerings to help attract consumers through innovation, quality products, pricing competitiveness, and reputation. By working with over 2,000 independent dealers across the United States, our Major Appliances division distributes name-brand products in various retail categories. With a variety of well-known brands, including LG, Samsung, Frigidaire, and GE, Almo works to connect independent dealers with these manufacturers to help them grow and prosper.

Along with major appliances, the Dealer Channel highlights brands that deliver top-notch products for both indoor and outdoor settings. By providing independent retailers with the depth they need to provide customers with a full line of high-quality housewares, we offer brands designed to keep consumers engaged all year-round.


The Ecommerce Division is responsible for managing the company’s inventory and assuming all financial risk across numerous warehouses nationwide. By providing drop-ship capability of our key brands and products for e-commerce retailers, the division provides high-touch support, end-to-end management, state of the art technology, and timely shipping, making us stand out from our competitors. With a variety of departments, including Sales Specialists, Programs and Returns, Customer Service, Sales Operations, and Digital Marketing, this division services a variety of globally-known retailers and networks.

Premium Appliances

The Premium Appliance division works with retailers of luxury appliances and outdoor comfort and lifestyle items, ranging from patio furniture to outdoor grills. By focusing on engineering and product development, Almo Premium Appliances prioritizes top-of-the-line quality, value, and construction. With brands like American Range, Liebherr, and Vintage, we ensure that customers receive contemporary innovation and design through a convenient distribution process.

Professional Audio-Visual

Exertis Almo Professional Audio-Visual, or Pro AV, provides integrators, dealers, and consultants with innovative technology and audio-visual products and services. With brands like Netgear, Samsung TV, and more, we employ forward-thinking product integration, training, managed services, and technical support to provide customers with a seamless distribution experience.


Exertis Almo Hospitality provides a full distribution experience, including product sourcing, pre-sale and design support, logistics, hospitality services, maintenance, and customer service. With flexible inventory, in-house technical experts, and top-notch logistics capabilities, including 9 warehouses throughout the country, Exertis Almo Hospitality is continuously evaluating new products and innovations to create a memorable experience for guests.


Exertis Almo Broadcast offers an extensive range of products and solutions for today’s media & entertainment, corporate, education, retail, government, and house of worship markets. As a true value-added distributor, Exertis Almo Broadcast overcomes the challenges faced by today’s broadcasters, with solutions designed for the particular needs of each project. Featuring brands like Vimeo, Peerless-AV, and Canon, Exertis Almo Broadcast serves as a go-to destination for live broadcast, digital signage, production, media management, and much more.