When can I expect to hear from a recruiter?
Great question, a recruiter will reach out to you when there are updates to your application. 

How can I check the status of my application?
Almo will provide you with an update throughout the recruitment process. This could be by phone or by email. If you have a specific question about your application, please reach out to This mailbox is not regularly monitored and responses may take up to 3 business days.

What is the hiring process like at Almo?
Complete our application fully and submit for a position of your choice. Our Talent Acquisition team reviews all resumes received and matches our candidates' experience, knowledge, and skills with the requirements for our positions. We will get to know our candidates better through phone interviews, Zoom interviews, or in-person interviews.

How long does a background check take?
Almo's background checks can take 24 hours to several days to complete. This depends on the state or municipal court system and the number of states/counties in which you've lived.

What is onboarding like at Almo?
This can be answered in many ways since our onboarding journeys are customized to each function. We work hard to ensure our new hires have a "hands on" experience and path to learn about Almo, your function, and your area of responsibility.

What is Almo’s commitment to Diversity and Inclusion?
Almo’s commitment to fostering an inclusive work environment is reinforced with our inclusive workforce model, leveraging different thinking styles, continuous learning, and authenticity of self, which enables us to grow our talent, welcomes creativity and innovation, and creates a sense of belonging.

Which positions are open for fully-remote work?
At this time only our Territory Sales Teams have regular remote positions. Though many of our job functions can be productive at home, if remote work is an option, it will be identified on the job posting or offered in the interview process.

Can I submit an application to keep on file if no current job openings match my preferences?
Awesome question! If you do not see a position you can apply to, please submit your resume to

What are Almo’s growth opportunities?
This is a fantastic question, Almo loves unboxing the potential of every team member! We offer all types of Learning and Development opportunities that are driven by the employee.

Do you offer internship opportunities?
Yes, we regularly offer summer internship opportunities, which run from June-August, and we open applications for these roles from October through March.

Do employees travel for work?
Yes. Our outside Territory Account Manager roles require travel to customer sites and trade shows. Generally, many of our positions travel requirements are up to 10%.