Career Paths
From product distribution to content
marketing, we create a productive
and enjoyable working environment,
comprised of friendly and devoted individuals.


The finance department manages the financial planning and accounting for the company, including revenue forecasting and expenditure control. The team is comprised of the traditional three functional areas: Accounting, Treasury Operations, and Financial Planning and Analysis.

Accounting is responsible for business financials, receivables, and payables, linked to Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) and reported in a timely fashion. We focus on monthly and annual reporting and providing divisional reports, reviewing sales results by division. Critical review of assets and reconciliation with our ledgers are regularly performed. The work of our Accounting team is fed by AP and AR: Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable. Our Treasury Operations manages banking relationships, reporting, and certification requirements. Financial Planning and Analysis manages division operations and identifies trends, reviews the business actual v. plan results, and focuses on monthly and annual forecasting.

Human Resources

The Human Resources team (HR) provides leadership and uplifts our business by shaping a culture that drives excellence and innovation through the support of talent, engagement, and the employee work experience. We are recognized as a trusted resource and partner, ensuring that our human resources services, policies, and systems align with our company values, strategy, and mission. These services include:

•  Recruiting and hiring diverse and talented employees
•  Compensation and Benefits Administration
•  Employer and employee relations
•  Learning and Development
•  Organizational Development
•  Program Management
•  Human Resources Information Systems Management
•  Compliance with employment-related legislation

Logistics and Operations

With 9 Distribution Centers across the country, Almo facilitates the accurate and efficient movement of products while creating a safe work environment for the distribution teams. With a focus on seamless operation and high-quality customer service, daily functions include accepting and put away of inbound shipments, picking and packing of outbound parcel, less-than-truckload and truckload shipments, and returns processing. While using Standard Operating Procedures, Safety Procedures, and ensuring the careful transportation of product, Almo prioritizes the unique shipping and delivery requirements of each customer.



As the face of Almo Corporation and Exertis Almo, the Marketing Team communicates the company mission and values by creating thoughtful messaging and attracting new business opportunities. Through content marketing, product marketing, events, and much more, the team works to connect the world with company happenings and spread messaging across various platforms.

While operating as one team, the department represents various dimensions of marketing including Brand Marketing, Product Content, Events and Tradeshow, Digital, and Creative.

Customer Service

The Customer Service department serves as a support system for current and prospective customers and partners. In order to create and maintain an excellent company reputation and build meaningful connections, this department is the primary point of contact for inquiries, questions, and concerns.

Acting as problem-solvers for company-related requests, Exertis Almo customer service representatives handle one-on-one contact with current and prospective clients.


Comprised of inside and outside sales, the Sales department is responsible for closing deals and building client relationships in remote and in-person settings. As the point of contact for manufacturers and partners throughout the entire course of a sale, each Sales team member works to positively represent the company name, while completing sales and retaining clients. Working in office positions and fully-remote settings, our sales representatives serve as liasons between the company and our growing cliental. 

Information Technology

With a variety of responsibilities concerning technology, the Information Technology (IT) department installs and maintains the hardware and software of the company, by installing network systems and ensuring network functionality. Also responsible for rules and information regarding company technology, the IT department provides guidelines on how to properly use company-issued technology to protect employee data.

With the recent increase in hybrid work settings and the existence of full-time remote employees, the IT department works to provide seamless remote communication for team members by providing secure servers, communication applications, and employee access to collaboration platforms.


Product Management

Tasked with making decisions on new and upcoming product, the Product Management team works to balance the needs of clients with company objectives. By creating outlines for success and developing a vision for products and marketing strategies, product managers function at the conceptual level and transform ideas into reality. 

Our product managers and buyers work with new and existing suppliers to evaluate new product ideas, review product development, and bring products to market. By analyzing product proposals and development programs, managers prepare return-on-investment analyses and establish time schedules with engineering and manufacturing.