About Us
With 75 years of success in the industry, we're the country's
largest independent distributor of appliances, consumer
​​​​​​​electronics, audio-visual equipment, and housewares.


Founded in 1946 by Albert Margolis and Morris Green, Almo Corporation began as a wholesale distribution firm in Center City Philadelphia, originally supplying replacement parts for radios and televisions. Over the next decade, the company established both domestic and international customers through its expansion into the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) and distribution of new industrial electronics parts lines. Following his passing in 1973, founder Morris Green was succeeded by the present Chairman, Eugene Chaiken. 

After being named President and Chief Operating Officer in 2004, current Chief Executive Officer Warren Chaiken launched a new era in Almo’s corporate management structure. With numerous awards and honors for distribution and workplace quality, Almo greatly values the strength of its culture, values, and engagement. 

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What We Do

As the largest independent distributor of appliances, consumer electronics, professional audio-visual equipment, furniture, and housewares in the United States, Almo operates 9 regional distribution facilities and works to serve the needs of various retailers nationwide.
Almo has four primary divisions:
  • Dealer Channel
  • E-Commerce
  • ​​​​​​​Premium Appliances​​​​​
  • Professional Audio-Visual
Along with our divisions, we also have a variety of shared services, including Logistics and Operations, Human Resources, Sales and Marketing, and Finance departments. 

Where We're Located

Almo’s headquarters operation is in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and we have several sales offices across the country. With a strong remote workforce in various functions and regional distribution centers spanning from Pennsylvania to Nevada, Almo provides distribution on a personal level. Almo currently operates 9 regional distribution centers with 2.5 million square feet of warehouse space.

In order to minimize our environmental impact as a company, Almo has 740,000 square feet of warehouse space that runs entirely on solar energy. We are actively working to reduce our carbon footprint and further improve our environmental consciousness, in order to create a lasting and sustainable business model throughout all of our office and warehouse locations.

Manufacturers Vendor Partners

With both local and globally-known partners, we are a private label manufacturer who works to develop connections and build relationships with each manufacturer partner.